In Urinetown, the musical, I combinated directing with costume design, to make the story a total experience. Through working with plastic, tyvec and other recycled materials, I wanted to create a unique world in musical theatre. Pistad, de musical, by KotéKoer vzw

The making of “uit.waai.en”

For my very first performance, I focused on the untranslatable Dutch word "uitwaaien". I wanted people to experience what it was, without having to use words. Here's some research in collages, drawings and textile experiments, in my process towards the performance.


A lovely journey in translating an untranslatable word.... into a performance. Collages Performers Performance Performers: Isolde, Thalassa, Hans, Lotte Sound design: Raf Willems Photography: Tom Leentjes, Lauranne Cleenwerck

“La Strada”

The story of Gelsomina is a rough and lonely one. Zampano didn't see her. He didn't see himself. They couldn't be together, but couldn't be apart.... No life vest could save her. Designing costumes is more than just working with fabric. It is the creation of a story, in a certain place and time. I... Continue Reading →

“Ctrl + Esc” at Tutti Fratelli

I had the wonderful opportunity to do an internship at Tutti Fratelli, in Antwerp. Tutti Fratelli is a social and artistic place, where theatre is made with people who were given less opportunities in life. "Ctrl + Esc" was made with six young people. It is a production about a new team of heroes, ready... Continue Reading →

The making of “La strada”

Designing costumes based on the opera La Strada, I was inspired by the work of Amedeo Modigliani. It feels like painting a life, wondering what kind of life it will be, in this uncertain present. With this photographs I will give a feel about how I shaped the characters.


Inspired by "Puz/zle" of Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, I found my inspiration in the untranslatable word "Saudade". A feeling so strong and so tangled in human relations, I wanted to capture it. These costumes were made as an assignment during my education. Beautiful photography by Lauranne Cleenwerck Many thanks to Charlie and Fien (dancers)

“Three musketeers”

The three musketeers (based on the version of Het Gevolg) are a few years older and suddenly a girl show up, claiming to be the daughter of one of the musketeers. Athos and Louise are shaped, but how you see them, that is up to you. My mystery has become one for you. Photography by... Continue Reading →

Fernand Khnopff

The remake of the portrait of Marguerite by Khnoppf is a fact. Fascinated by blue, I experimented with different ways of coloring (transferpaint, ice dye, inkodye, pen, ecoline, encaustic paint...). Photography by the lovely Lauranne Cleenwerck

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