… me and my designs

I’m a passionate costume designer, a creater of worlds and a true wanderer.

I imagine costume designs telling more than the obvious. Therefore, I create a language you perhaps didn’t know existed. With collages, experiments in fabric and other materials… Using reusable and recycled materials and products helps me find my vocabulary. A story is ready to be born, waiting to be told by you and experienced by anyone.

… what I can do for you

  • exciting costume designs for theatre/dance/musical theatre productions (entire process from design to première)
  • inventive costume workshops
  • cocreating a performance or production
  • personalised costume and dress design for individuals

…my curriculum vitae

… people and organisations I work with

° Lauranne Cleenwerck (photography) (https://www.instagram.com/lauranne.cleenwerck/ )

° Tom Leentjes – eyeswideshutterspeed (photography)(https://www.facebook.com/EyesWideShutterSpeed/ )

° KotéKoer vzw ( http://www.kote-koer.be/sites/Kotekoer/ )

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