The making of “Onze grond”

“Onze grond” is a shortfilm by Loula Burnus, about migration, about leaving everything behind and stepping into the unknown. In this film, we follow a group of people on the road, trying to find a new home. They meet other people, trying to fit in. Trying, but not finding their home… The wind is their compass and leads them on and on, till the end of the world. And then, what’s next?

For the costume designs, we also tried to find a new home. By combining second hand clothes and fabrics, we searched for a new destination for these clothes and fabrics. We created a new story. Here you can discover some costume sketches and work in progress. More photography of the film will follow later!

Director: Loula Burnus

Costume design: Lotte Cools, Pauline Gaeremynck

3 reacties op “The making of “Onze grond””

  1. Looking Great! So very special! Good job and well doen Lotte!


  2. […] the costume designs, we combined second hand clothes and fabrics, and gave them a new […]


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