The making of “Onze grond”

"Onze grond" is a shortfilm by Loula Burnus, about migration, about leaving everything behind and stepping into the unknown. In this movie we follow a group of people on the road, trying to find a new home. The wind is their compass and leads them on and on, till the end of the world. And... Continue Reading →


Dancelot, a Bruges dance school, performed Liv & Sky in 2018. I designed the costume for the Iqueen, a cold queen of the digital world. It was essential to let her move freely, so she could bewitch everyone on stage and in the theatre. Performer: Eline (Iqueen) Photography: Michel Deveen Photography

Legally Blonde

Legally Blonde is the stereotype of a happy, feelgood musical. To create happy, colorful characters wasn't difficult with this happy company. Legally Blond by KotéKoer vzw

Drie musketiers

In Three musketeers, the musical, I created colorful characters in a dark, odd world, to distance you form place and time. By KotéKoer vzw and TeamJacques


Bare, the musical, is the story about vulnerable young people, situated in a regime where there is no room for vulnerability. Through the combination of recognisable and distant elements, I created a world of semiconnection. Bare, the musical by KotéKoer vzw


In Urinetown, the musical, I combinated directing with costume design, to make the story a total experience. Through working with plastic, tyvec and other recycled materials, I wanted to create a unique world in musical theatre. Pistad, de musical, by KotéKoer vzw

The making of “uit.waai.en”

For my very first performance, I focused on the untranslatable Dutch word "uitwaaien". I wanted people to experience what it was, without having to use words. Here's some research in collages, drawings and textile experiments, in my process towards the performance.


A lovely journey in translating an untranslatable word.... into a performance. Collages Performers Performance Performers: Isolde, Thalassa, Hans, Lotte Sound design: Raf Willems Photography: Tom Leentjes, Lauranne Cleenwerck

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